Tonya is an artist who offers images of familiar objects with a twist. Her passion for drawing a unique, complex pattern of lines is seen in every piece. Those patterns create a visual experience that invites viewers to look more closely.

Tonya's art reflects her spirit and personality. She draws all of her original artwork using art papers, ink pen and art markers.

But drawing those lines didn't just happen. Tonya began practicing her unique patterns when she was in the third grade in Ruidoso, New Mexico. She continued to develop her technique and in 1986 created her first complete work.

Tonya has not had traditional art instruction and has never taken any courses. This has allowed her to develop a freedom of style and composition as a progression of her natural talent.

Her career began as a DJ for a radio station in Visalia, California at the age of fourteen. She continues that path and has held radio jobs in Fresno, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Most recently she has been involved with the country music industry.

Since 2001, Tonya has been creating and selling her artwork to country music artists, celebrities, an NFL franchise, and a record label. These were original one-of-a-kind artwork and some were created as commissioned works of art.

In 2011, Tonya Art was launched to offer original art to the general public. She also continues to accept requests for commissioned art. In addition, Tonya offers signed and numbered limited edition prints available for sale at


For Inquiries about the Artwork Please Contact: or Call (818) 980-7654 OR (818) 632-9849

Tonya Art is based in Southern California

Photography by Sherry Rayn Barnett